How to Keep a Child Healthy

Getting sick is a part of being a kid. Your immune system is not completely built up yet, and you are often in situations where you are exposed to illness, especially once you start attending school and sharing space with other kids. While the occasional head cold, earache or chicken pox is all a part of growing up, there is no reason to spend most of your childhood sick. If your child was a healthy baby, they should be a healthy child, even if the occasional sickness comes their way. It is difficult to keep a child healthy if the immune system is damaged. There are things you can do as a family to ensure your child will have the healthiest childhood possible. Everyday actions can lead to a healthy, happy child with just a little bit of effort.
Ecstatic group of doctors.

First, it is important to have a healthy home. Keep the environment clean, as free of allergens as possible and provide your child with everything they need in the home to be healthy. They should have a sleeping space free of distraction, and they should have a schedule that allows them to get a good night’s sleep. Kids may need more sleep than adults, so if you child likes to sleep in and is grumpy if you wake them up with the sun, do not get frustrated. Their bodies are driving the need for extra sleep, and it is not just them being lazy. Likewise, if your child prefers to stay up a little later, you can allow this occasionally because their inner clocks are changing. However, they should have a sleep schedule that provides them with eight to ten hours of rest on a regular basis.

Another important part of keeping of kids healthy is setting a good example. If a child has healthy parents, they are more likely to grow up healthy. For one, they will mimic your behavior without questions. If healthy family meals are served each night, they will assume that is how it is supposed to be. If they see you getting exercise and staying active on a daily basis, it will become their reality too. They will also respond to any stress you are feeling, so be open about your life with them so they understand there are ups and downs, and to be healthy, the stress must be handled effectively.

What your child eats is going to make a big difference in their development, and as a parent, you have a lot of control over their diet. Expose them to a lot of foods and make the experience fun for them. There is no reason to force your child to eat foods they do not like, but encourage them to at least try something before ruling it out. Do not attach emotions to foods. Just let them taste something and determine for themselves whether or not they like it.

Get the entire family in an active lifestyle. Try to plan times for everyone to be active together. A couple of examples include family walks, bike rides, swimming, and gardening. Each family member will benefit from the exercise social family time.

Try to limit television, video game and computer times. These habits will tend to lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Children who sit around on the computer and watch television all day are at a much higher risk of gaining weight and anti social.

Surround your children with happiness. For kids to be physically and emotionally healthy, they need to know they are loved and supported with being smothered. Provide a healthy environment for them both physically and emotionally. Do not doubt asking help, Fort Worth Hospice would give you best recommendation if you are not able to handle the situation at your home.

Encourage physical activities that children will enjoy. Let children experiment with different activities until they find something they love. They will stick with this activity and stay healthy longer. Do not let them sit around all day doing whatever they want. There needs to be some structure.

kid swimBe as supportive as possible. Focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Children will benefit from hearing more positive things than negative. If you celebrate the little things with them as they are young, they will grow up to be more positive individuals.

Set specific goals and limits with almost everything. A couple of great examples are television and exercise time and eating limitations. However, if you are too strict, it can have a negative affect on the child. It is possible that the child will look upon adult figures as too strict and even scary.

farmTry not ever to reward children with fatty snacks. It has been seen in the past as highly disadvantageous to children. Each time they do good things they think candy will be coming their way. It easily leads to childhood obesity. Instead, you can reward them with healthy fruits and vegetables, even a play date with their friends. A few good suggestions include apples, bananas, oranges, peaches, cereal, and toys.
Finally, try to eat breakfast and dinner as a family as much as possible. It is one of the important factors to help children develop their social skills. Try to think of what would happen if the child ate dinner and breakfast by themselves in their room each day. There is no doubt that the child would develop antisocial behavioral factors and possibly become depressed. 

Live From Main Street 01

We’re here to mock the press that famous people get when they hit the main streets. Are you tired of reading about Will and Kate and their children? Probably not otherwise you wouldn’t be here looking for some other way to waste your time reading about famous people and their otherwise normal lives. The lies they tell and the people they spend time with are all a matter of juicy interest and so with no further adieu:

In the gossip News Today

  • An expose on what celebrities keep in their homes – Barbara Streisand is the featured image (only shocking item is Marilyn Manson’s home)
  • Dancing With the Stars” made second billing on E! with an article on their Halloween themed show last night
  • Other notable features included a brief article on the new “Super Girl” television series that aired on Monday night.
  • Looking for your royal fix, it looks like they all went out to see the new James Bond film “Spectre.” She wore something baby/powder blue and the men wore something tux like. You can see I don’t really care who they were wearing or how they wore it. That’s not exactly what I’m trying to emphasize here. They were able to squeeze this film in after promoting some of their charity work and watching an already previewed stop animation film in the style of “Wallace & Grommet” called “Shaun the Sheep” which you can see below.

In Further News

  • At least three hundred people are dead after an earthquake hit Pakistan on Monday. A 7.5 earthquake rocked the border villages in the north east of Afghanistan and the North of Pakistan. Twelve school girls ended up dead as frightened students and teachers fled their school building. The girls were trampled under foot. Very likely none of you will be reading this news today so I thought I’d throw it in there to offset the shocking news of Marilyn Manson mentioned above.
  • Syrian Refuges are beginning to face the elements as they flee the tortures of their war torn countries in need of a refuge.
  • A comedian is becoming the president of Guatemala. Jimmy Morales won more than sixty percent of the popular vote on Sunday as he joked his way into the presidency. Hopefully some precedent is being set for comic presidents everywhere. We would all like a little more humor in our state of the union addresses.
  • This week the Chilean miners who were much in the news five years ago are promoting a film about their rescue. They visited the pope in Rome and this article writes about the pink socks they wore and the people involved in their rescue. Among the notable mementos from the time in the mine are a sign saying this way to the refuge and a hard hat that stated “no one stays under.” These memories bring back the international prayers and attention that these Chilean miners received in their time of great need.

Let’s Focus

  • While a little gossip junk food is good the main street needs to keep clear of too much mental trash or we’re never going to have the time to set our minds to what is important. Let’s keep the live Main Street flowing with the information of the web in a way that allows every important piece of news to pass through and the trash to be deposited at the dump. Otherwise – here’s to hoping no piece of news stays down.