Spring Allergies: All You Need to Know

One of the most demanding and difficult moments for those suffering from one allergy or the other is the springtime. This season of the year leaves people aching, weak and terribly sick. Pollen has been confirmed to be the major carrier of spring allergies and it affects millions of people every season. In the US alone, about 30-60 million suffer from hay fever caused by pollen annually. In this article you can read its causes, symptoms and treatments explained by online doctor visit




As noted in the introductory aspect, the main cause of allergies is pollen. There are many trees, plants and grasses that carry pollen. The most common trigger of springtime allergies is ragweed. Other triggers of allergies include oak, western red cedar, birch, sycamore, poplar, walnut, ash, cypress and hickory.

These plants and trees release massive pollens simultaneously and those allergic to them will start developing the symptoms of allergies. This is further triggered by warm and dry weather as it blows winds around. However, rainy days and cool weather suppress the wind and ensure that you are relieved of the symptoms.

There are some other related triggers of spring allergies that occur every season. They are smokes from campfires in summer and fireplaces in winter, chlorine from swimming pools, insect bites during spring and summer and even, candy ingredients.



There are many symptoms that come with these allergies such as itchy eyes, runny nose, uncontrolled sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and dark cycles beneath the eyes. There are some other non-conventional symptoms of allergies and you are advised to see your family or personal doctor once you start feeling abnormal at the wake of spring.

Also, some people witness the symptoms throughout the year.


How to determine spring allergies triggers

 You cannot just conclude that those triggers under the causes of spring allergies are the only triggers of spring allergies. In fact, some may be allergic to food. To these set of people, eating inflammatory diet is not advisable. However, you should not just avoid some foods without consulting allergists.

In the same vein, spring allergies may be hereditary—there are some people who have the tendency to suffer from allergies because some of their family members had it in the past. To those who fall under this category, it is very wise to always undergo scratch test (test of the skin) before the start of spring.

Having determined your spring allergies, you get now go for the right treatment.

Treatments of spring allergies


Before you go or opt for any treatment method, be sure you’ve established the triggers. Wrong diagnosis will increase discomfort in you. There are different ways spring allergies can be managed and treated. Here, I will share five ways
you can treat spring allergies;


Do not stay outside for too long

During spring, a preventive step you need to take is to reduce your outdoor time. This is the best way to avoid breathing in too many types of pollen. In addition, ensure that your doors and windows are properly closed because of warm weather that blows pollens around.

After returning inside, bath immediately and wash off your skin properly.


Take spring allergies medicine


If you have spring allergies, the best way to manage it is to take allergy medicine after being instructed by an allergist. A good recommendation is Antihistamines—it helps in blocking the body’s response to spring allergies.
Other drugs include chlorpheniramine, clemastine and diphenhydramine. However, you need to take regulated amount in order to cause another problem to your body.

However, for severe spring allergies, the best option is nasal spray.


Early protection


Prevention, they say, is better than cure. You do not need to wait till you start noticing the symptoms of spring allergies before you start taking drugs. It is advised that you take the appropriate drugs at least, one week before the season begins in order to allow the medicine work maximally.


Herbs for natural relief

More recently, it has been discovered that some herbs like butterbur help in protecting against spring allergies. Another dependable herbal formula is Biminne which has its origin from China. If it is taken one month consecutively, it works throughout the year.

However, it is important to stress that those who are allergic to plants such as ragweed may react negatively to Butterbur.


Shut-off your home


Shut off every opening in your house and use air conditioner instead of fan. The reason being that fan blows in air from outside. In order to keep allergens outside, put off your shoes before entering your home.

In conclusion, avoid smoking. This can worsen your situation. Also, avoid smokers as it is the best means of keeping off from spring allergies.

Use of Internet for healthcare

The introduction of modern technology has greatly helped in our society today. It has now facilitated to easier and faster communication. Internet is widely used across the country and it has benefited in many ways. In this article, we are going to review on how to use internet for healthcare.


Very many people across the world are using internet in order to access information. Patients are now relieved because this new invasion has greatly helped. They can easily get treatment options concerning the kind of illness they are suffering from and also get appropriate diet advice.

Here are some of the reasons why people use the internet for health.

  • It helps people to make decisions about their health
  • It helps them to deal with the effects of chronic diseases in a better way
  • To get detailed information

Online healthcare has also provided a platform where you can easily communicate to any online doctor through the internet and have the prescriptions sent to the nearest pharmacy. Patients also get a chance to ask questions about matters bothering them.

All you need to do is to sign up using your name and email address; once you are online, you will get to view information about doctors who are working within your region. If you are ready to begin your session you simply click the connect button and there you are, ready to interact with a physician online.

The Internet has been widely seen as the best tool when it comes to healthcare services. Very many people are now confident with their personal information as far as their health is concerned and they also get a chance to interact with people who suffer from the same medical condition
as theirs.


There are also online support groups where people who suffer from the same disease get a chance to socialize online. They share their experience and tend to support each other. This in turn motivates them. This platform allows them to talk about matters that they find difficult to discuss
with their loved ones. It also makes one stronger knowing that someone else is also undergoing the same ordeal.

Mostly, people who suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and even heart diseases tend to visit the internet frequently so that they can get more information on how they can live with these diseases, some of the symptoms they should expect, how they can manage pain and some of the foods they should eat to help boost their life span.

Using internet for health has not only make patients confident but has also helped them to acquire knowledge on how they can take
care of themselves without depending on other people.

Can the internet provide quality information? This is one of the frequently asked questions that have seemed to bother quite a number of people. Well, there is no doubt these information are very accurate and quality because these are professionals who aside from the internet you can also find them in health facilities and institutions. It’s always advisable to identify the most accurate website.

Sometimes when one is sick and decides to go to the hospital, doctors tend to use tough words to explain to the patient the kind of disease he is suffering from. This is quite discouraging and one opts for the internet where he can get detailed information.

Since the internet was introduced patients and even doctors have found the best opportunity where they can conduct some medical research online. Through this medium one can also pursue online education.

Through online research patients now have enough knowledge which can help them to make decisions about their own treatment. The little
information they have, helps them to deal with some health matters. This has seemed to reduce the treatment cost since the internet can be easily accessed.

The number of people using the internet for health care purposes is really growing and they tend to use the information accordingly. This has greatly benefited in the health sector and people are now making good use of the advice they get online. In most cases, people can now easily deal with the effects of chronic diseases due to proper research they conduct online.