News Reel

It used to be that news was brought to people in visual form through the magic of motion picture. No sound was added just black and white reels of news from overseas and at home. Now the news comes to us in tweets, blogs, status updates, Youtube videos, Snapchats and Instagrams. None of these things are wrong and all of them provide faster access to the events of the world. It also gives us a greater responsibility to discipline our minds to focus on what is important and choose what we want to fill our minds with. In the past there were fewer choices and like a grocery store that stocks only one brand of cereal, bread, milk or any other product one was limited by availability. Now we have too many groups competing for our attention opening up so many niche markets that one can completely avoid the main news of the world while enjoying pure unadulterated sugar. Our goal is to mix the news into a homogeneous mix that will appear first to be gossip news and will undoubtedly hit you with unexpected real news. This shock will hopefully both shame you into thinking more about the condition of the world and at the same time help you ease your way into the more troubling problems of the world. Don’t get me wrong Kanye’s lack of a smile is a troubling piece of news or Princess Kate’s latest baby’s name is significant for all you Anglophiles, but if you’re wondering how you might leave a meaningful mark on the world you live in, keeping up with that information is only going to give you the empty carbs that junk food feed your body and mind.

Keeping it Nutritious

You don’t need to know everything, but somethings may help you like certain people less and understand other people better. We hope you will follow our news synopsis and comment if you feel offended. It’s our goal to offend all of those who want to limit yourselves to gossip. Live from Main Street promises to be offensive at least once a blog post. If you don’t feel offended and wanted to be offended then you can be offended that we overlooked you and your general feelings. Have a great day and don’t forget to write.